Coaching Corner

In this fast paced life that we lead, in order to get what we want, everyone is after a shortcut here or there. The growth of the ‘self checkout’ in big stores, from supermarkets to DIY warehouses is a good example. You will potentially save yourself a good 34 seconds … Read More

Trackdays. They’ve been around for a while now, roughly 68 years in fact. Arguably, first ever trackday was in 1947. At Silverstone. Maurice Geoghegan, a local car enthusiast who lived in Silverstone village got together with 11 of his mates, sneaked into the abandoned WWll bomber base over the fields … Read More

BHP! Brake Horse Power! That’s what we want! Is there ever is too much of the stuff? Obviously not. I know this because in all of my years of driving fast, I have never once stepped out of a car and uttered the words… ‘I think it would be better … Read More

In previous articles, I’ve covered the areas of vision and braking. Both vitally important to get right, because if you don’t, the corner can’t work efficiently. Once you’ve mastered those two, you can start to move on to the fun task of sending your motor round the bend as quickly … Read More