Andrew Bentley: Grade ‘A’ ARDS licenced instructor*

An experienced coach with the ability to convey detailed information designed to benefit the student, enabling them to improve and achieve more success than they would have on their own is considered essential in many aspects of life, not only in sport but also in business. So, why do we seem to consider it non-essential for our driving? Have you ever wondered why a car behaves as it does? Do you want to know what is actually happening to the car when you are driving it? Would you like to be able to drive the car, rather than have the car drive you? Do you want to know what the really fast drivers are doing that you’re not?

Whether you’re an experienced racer or a complete novice looking to get on to a track for the first time, Andrew can help. Combine an on-going successful racing career with a professional training background and you have a formidable combination from which you can’t but help improve.

An expert in car dynamics, track driving techniques and racing, Andrew draws from years of top end competition to make the laps spent on track together valuable. Time will be taken to understand your needs with lessons then tailored around you. One to one coaching is available for track days and test days while car control sessions allow you to discover the true limits of grip.

A vital part of any true racer’s tool box is the ability to understand data. Andrew uses the best system in the business, the Video Vbox. This two camera system not only films each lap but also records vital data information such as speed, g-force and where appropriate, lap times. With all of this information it’s easy to get lost, but Andrew will help you understand, allowing you to see clearly what you are doing well and where you can improve.

For more information on how you can short cut your learning curve, simply get in touch to discuss your requirements.

*The ARDS licence (Association of Racing Drivers Schools) is the only professionally recognised qualification for race coaches and performance driving instructors. It ensures a level of training and experience appropriate for the demands of in-car coaching on track and test days. Grade ‘A’ is the highest attainable grade for in-car instruction. Only grade ‘A’ coaches can sit alongside and coach junior drivers on test days, which is an essential requirement as per the Blue Book regulations. If any driver coach is offering in-car instruction and can’t prove they are ARDS licenced, you should be aware they do not have the appropriate training, qualifications and insurances.

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